Monday, October 24, 2011

Film Treatment


The concept for this film is to animate a poem in order to tell a story. The story is about a little boy, Johnny, who is the son of a Chemist. Johnny enjoys spending time on hobbies indoors, which consist mostly of a scientific nature. Johnny’s father notices that he rarely goes outside to play so he encourages him to try something new and nudges him outdoors. Johnny soon finds out that he is not suited for this type of play and goes back inside with broken glasses. He explains to the Chemist that he is unable to play like a normal kid and desperately needs a drink. This proves to be a mistake since he confuses a deadly chemical faucet for a water faucet. This mistake ends up taking Johnny’s life.


The driving force for my project is the moral that trying new things isn’t always a good idea. For Johnny it proved to be deadly. Sometimes sticking to what you know and enjoy is the best option, and sometimes you have to learn that lesson the hardest way.


Johnny- the main character of the story. Johnny is around eight or nine years old. He is an intelligent boy who has a deep interest in all things scientific. He enjoys doing experiments with chemistry kits, he loves to read books about animals and space and he enjoys studying is tiny model of orbiting planets. He prefers to stay inside where he can explore his interests in peace.

The Chemist- Johnny’s father. The chemist is seen throughout the film, mostly as an encouraging father. His role in the film is to establish some of the layouts (in-home laboratory) and to suggest new hobbies to Johnny.


The film opens on Johnny sitting in his room reading a book and playing with a toy model of orbiting planets. The poem introduces him as being a smart little boy full of wonder and an openness to learn. After setting up Johnny’s introduction, The Chemist, Johnny’s father, enters the scene and notices Johnny never seems to go outside like other kids usually do. His father encourages him to try new things and literally pushes Johnny out the back door into their yard. Johnny squints in the sunlight and looks confused by his new surroundings, not quite knowing what to do. He tries to play baseball which ends up being a failure. After he throws the ball up in the air and swings wildly with the bat, the ball comes back down and hits Johnny’s face breaking his glasses in two. After this misfortune, he decides to go back inside where he explains to The Chemist that the outdoors were too hot and that he needs a drink. Johnny continues into his father’s laboratory, grabs a beaker off the shelf and sets his glasses aside on the counter. He turns to the sink where two faucets are, one labeled “Water” the other labeled “Sulfuric Acid”. In Johnny’s point of view, both words are blurred and look the same. He hesitates before deciding on filling up the beaker with Sulfuric Acid (on accident of course). He finishes drinking the liquid, pauses and starts horrifically bubbling. He melts to the ground where his glasses and clothes get stuck in the goo that was once Johnny. After the credits his father is kneeling on the floor beside the mush of Johnny. All of this story is narrated in poem.

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